Community college association

Executive Officers


Dián Dolores Hasson
Butte College
3536 Butte Campus
Oroville, CA. 95965

Fax: 530-876-2327
Term: July 2001-2021

Biographic Information:
Dián is a strong advocate for community college faculty, whether they are part or full time, in the classroom or at another site. She is proud to be serving her second two-year term as the President of the Community College Association, even though she is looking forward to returning to her first love, teaching.
Dián emphasizes that after the choice she made in a husband and to have their two children, the choice she made to teach at a community college is the single most important choice in her life. She states, “working at a community college is an authentic vocation, one in which I grow as I help others grow, too.” Dián finds herself attracted to the edges of life, finding great satisfaction in relating with others who have different experiences and perspectives on life. She states, “I like to place myself where ideas clash.” Although many feel most comfortable surrounded by the familiar, Dián feels that there is much to learn and good work to do amidst dissonance and discord.
Dián serves on numerous bodies such as the Chancellor’s Consultation Council, Budget Change Proposal Task Force, CTA State Council, CTA’s Minority Community Outreach Workgroup and CTA’s Organizing Plan Workgroup, and she observes and testifies before other groups such as the Community College Board of Governors, and the Academic Senate Executive Committee. Not surprisingly, her favorite activities revolve around the Community College Association. Dián states, “the Community College Association is a highly democratic organization which represents –with great vigor- the rights and interests of faculty. After all, faculty working conditions are our students’ learning conditions!” As she says, “it is GOOD work.”

Vice President

Rachel Maldonado Aziminia
Chabot College
25555 Hesperian Blvd.
Hayward, CA. 94545

Term: July 2001-2021
Biographic Information:
As an EOPS counselor Rachel has been very active both with her local and statewide for CCA. Rachel currently holds the office of CCA Vice President, CTA State Council Representative and CTA Hispanic Caucus Secretary and Treasurer. She has also held the offices of CCA Secretary, CCA District B Director, and NEA Representative Assembly State Delegate and at her local the office of President and Membership chair.
Rachel states, “I joined CCA 13 years ago because I believe all faculty should have representation and I believe that CCA is the union that best represents community college faculty. We (CCA) provide our members with bargaining and leadership conferences as well as many benefits and resources, e.g., the $1 million educators liability and HECAS (Higher Education Contract Analysis System). In addition, we have legislative advocates who lobby on behalf of our legislative program as well as staff that work exclusively for community college faculty. Which is why I think that my membership in CCA is important.”
In addition to counseling Rachel teaches Psychology Counseling 21 & 26, Strategies for College Success and Chicano Studies. Other interests of Rachel’s are reading mystery novels, collecting cookbooks, and traveling. She has visited Mexico, Europe, and Iran several times.


Cathy Crane-McCoy
Long Beach City College
4901 E. Carson Street
Long Beach, CA. 90808

Campus: 562-938-4279
Fax: 714-821-3391
Term: 2020-2022
Biographic Information:
Associate Professor of Costume Design at Long Beach City College Cathy has been very active in both local and statewide union activities. She has not only served her chapter as President for 3 years but also, Vice President, Political Action Representative and currently is a member of the Representative Council. Cathy currently serves as Secretary and as a CTA State Council Representative. She has additionally served as CCA Vice President and District H Director.
Cathy teaches Costume Crafts and Design and designs costumes for four Theatre Main stage productions and two Dance Concerts at the college each year. She designs professionally throughout the Los Angeles area and recently she made her film debut designing costumes for the independent film “Trade Day” which has won several film festival awards.
Other hobbies and interests of Cathy’s are cycling, volunteering for the American Red Cross, Disney collecting and is a licensed Ham Radio Operator with an Extra class license. Her call sign is AD6LH and she and her husband Barry, call sign AD6LG can be found on 144.330 (simplex) as net controllers on Friday evenings in the Los Angeles area hosting the Insomniac Trivia net!


Jan McKissick
Butte College
3536 Butte Campus
Oroville, CA. 95965

Term: July 2020-2022
Biographic Information:
Jan is the mother of twins, Caitlin and Lila (although you wouldn’t know it to look at them). At 8 years old (going on 14) they keep their Mother very busy, although Jan still finds time to remain active with CCA as our Treasurer. She also enjoys camping and
traveling with her family and is a regular yoga practicioner.
She has held local union leadership positions which include: President, Vice President, Grievance and Negotiating Team Member, and statewide, has been CCA District A Director.

Higher Education Service Center

The Higher Education Service Center, unlike the K-12 Service Centers, is a statewide service center which includes CCA, the California Faculty Association (CFA), the Independent California College and University Faculty Association (ICCUFA), and the Student California Teachers Association (SCTA). The Higher Education Service Center does not have meetings. It oversees the election of delegates representing the higher education components mentioned above (but not SCTA) to the NEA Representative Assembly held in the summer of each year and the election of higher education faculty to the CTA’s State Council. The CCA President usually serves as the Chair of the Higher Education Service Council, meaning he/she attends the Service Center meetings held at CTA State Council meetings.

Higher Education Caucus

The Higher Education Caucus meets on Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. during the CTA State Council. Anyone may join the caucus as a member or as an associate member. The purpose of the caucus is to coordinate higher education activities and to share information affecting higher education.

National Council for Higher Education

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) is an independent organization for higher education faculty and support staff within the National Education Association (NEA). NCHE seeks support and membership from all categories of NEA members and higher education affiliates.

NCHE advocates for higher education services and programs within NEA. It identifies and focuses on the interests and concerns of NEA higher education members and affiliates and promotes NEA as the representative agent for higher education and recommends programs within NEA to address the problems faced by college and university faculty and staff.

CCA encourages individuals to join NCHE. A membership form can be obtained by request:

NCHE Secretary/Treasurer
NEA Affiliate Capacity Building
1201 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20216-3290
(202) 822-7910

Holiday Calendar

Calendrier Scolaire .gouv Zone B en France

July, 2020
7/4/2020 Independence Day Holiday
7/23-25/2020 CTA Board of Directors - Burlingame
7/27-28/2020 CTA Board of Directors Retreat - Burlingame
7/29-8/2/2020 Presidents Conference - Asilomar
August, 2020
8/4-8/9/2020 CTA Summer Institute – CCA Strand - UCLA
8/23-24/2020 CCA Board of Directors
8/26/2020 Women’s Equality Day
September, 2020
9/2/2020 Labor Day Holiday
9/7/2020 Rosh Hashanah
9/12-13/2020 CTA Board of Directors - Burlingame
9/16/2020 Yom Kippur
9/30-10/1/02 NEA Executive Committee – Washington, D.C.
October, 2020
10/4-5/2020 NEA Board of Directors – Washington, D.C.
10/11-13/2020 CTA State Council
10/18/2020 CCA Board of Directors
10/18-20/2020 CCA Fall Bargaining & Leadership Conference - Reno
10/24-25/2020 CTA Board of Directors - Burlingame
10/31/2020 Halloween
November, 2020
11/5/2020 Election Day
11/11/2020 Veteran’s Day
11/15-16/2020 CCA Board of Directors
11/19-20/2020 CTA Board of Directors - Burlingame
11/28-29/2020 Thanksgiving Recess
11/30/2020 Hanukkah
December, 2020
12/13-14/2020 NEA Board of Directors – Washington, D.C.
12/23-1/1/2021 Christmas Recess
January, 2021
1/1/2021 New Years Day
1/7-8/2021 CTA Board of Directors - Burlingame
1/20/2021 MLK, Jr. Holiday
1/24-25/2021 CCA Board of Directors
1/31-2/2/2021 CTA State Council
February, 2021
2/1-2/2/2021 CTA State Council
2/7-8/2021 NEA Board of Directors – Washington, D.C.
2/7-8/2021 CCA Winter Advocacy Conference (tba)
2/14/2021 Valentine’s Day
2/15/2021 Deadline for CTA Scholarship Applications
2/17/2021 Presidents Day Holiday
2/18-19/2021 CTA Board of Directors - Burlingame
2/21-23/2021 NEA Pacific Region Leadership Conference - Alaska
2/28-3/2/03 Equity & Human Rights Conference – Northern California
March, 2021
3/2/2021 NEA’s Read Across America – Celebrating Dr. Seuss Birthday
3/13-14/2021 CTA Board of Directors - Burlingame
3/15/2021 Deadline for MLK, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Applications
3/17/2021 St. Patrick’s Day
3/21-3/22/2021 CCA Board of Directors
3/28-30/2021 CTA State Council
3/31/2021 César Chávez Day
April, 2021
4/10-11/2021 CTA Board of Directors - Burlingame
4/13/2021 Palm Sunday
4/20/2021 Easter
4/25/2021 CCA Board of Directors
4/25-27/2021 CCA Spring Council & W.H.O. Awards - Palm Springs
May, 2021
5/2-3/2021 NEA Board of Directors – Washington, D.C.
5/5/2021 Cinco De Mayo
5/8-9/2021 CTA Board of Directors - Burlingame
5/11/2021 Mother’s Day
5/26/2021 Memorial Day Holiday
5/30-6/1/2021 CTA State Council
June, 2021
6/1/2021 CTA State Council
6/6/2021 Shavuot
6/6-7/2021 CCA Board of Directors (Planning Session)
6/8/2021 CCA Board of Directors
6/15/2021 Father’s Day
6/19-20/2021 CTA Board of Directors - Burlingame
6/30-7/1/03 NEA Board of Directors
July, 2021
1st Week NEA Annual Meeting – New Orleans, LA
7/4/2021 Independence Day Holiday
7/15-17/2021 CTA Board of Directors Meeting - ½ day on Wednesday
7/19-20/2021 CTA Board of Directors Annual Planning Meeting
7/21-25/2021 Presidents Conference - Asilomar
7/27-8/1/2021 Summer Institute – CCA Strand - UCLA
August, 2021
8/1/2021 Summer Institute – CCA Strand - UCLA
8/26/2021 Women’s Equality
September, 2021
9/1/2021 Labor Day Holiday
9/5-6/2021 CCA Board of Directors
9/9-10/2021 CTA Board of Directors
9/27/2021 Rosh Hashanah
9/29-30/03 NEA Executive Committee
October, 2021
10/6/2021 Yom Kippur
10/7-8/2021 CTA Board of Directors
10/17-19/2021 CCA Fall Bargaining & Leadership Conference, San Diego
10/24-26/2021 CTA State Council
10/31/2021 Halloween
November, 2021
11/4/2021 Election Day
11/11/2021 Veteran’s Day
11/14-15/2021 CCA Board of Directors
11/18-19/2021 CTA Board of Directors
11/27/2021 Thanksgiving Day
11/27-28/2021 Thanksgiving Recess
December, 2021
12/16-17/2021 CTA Board of Directors
12/20/2021 Hanukkah
12/22-1/1/2022 Christmas Recess
January, 2022
1/13-14/2022 CTA Board of Directors
1/19/2022 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
1/23-25/2022 CTA State Council
February, 2022
2/6-7/2022 CCA Winter Advocacy Conference – tba
2/10-11/2022 CTA Board of Directors
2/14/2022 Valentine’s Day Holiday
2/15/2022 Deadline for CTA Scholarship Applications
2/16/2022 Presidents Day Holiday
March, 2022
3/2/2022 NEA’s Read Across America – Celebrating Dr. Seuss Birthday
3/9-10/2022 CTA Board of Directors
3/15/2022 Deadline for MLK, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Applications
3/17/2022 St. Patrick’s Day
3/19-20/2022 CCA Board of Directors
3/26-28/2022 CTA State Council
3/31/2022 César Chávez Day
April, 2022
4/4/2022 Palm Sunday
4/11/2022 Easter
4/13-14/2022 CTA Board of Directors
4/23/2022 CCA Board of Directors
4/23-25/2022 CCA Membership/Spring Council & WHO Awards
4/30-5/1/2022 NEA Board of Directors
May, 2022
5/5/2022 Cinco De Mayo
5/9/2022 Mother’s Day
5/18-19/2022 CTA Board of Directors
5/26/2022 Shavuot
5/31/2022 Memorial Day Holiday
June, 2022
6/4-6/2022 CTA State Council
6/11-13/2022 CCA Board of Directors
6/15-16/2022 CTA Board of Directors
6/20/2022 Father’s Day
6/30-7/2/2022 NEA Board of Directors
July, 2022
7/4/2022 Independence Day
7/5/2022 Independence Day Holiday
7/13-15/2022 CTA Board of Directors
7/17-18/2022 CTA Board of Directors Retreat
7/19-23/2022 Presidents Conference - Asilomar
7/25-30/2022 Summer Institute – CCA Strand - UCLA
August, 2022
8/26/2022 Women’s Equality Day
8/31-9/1/2022 CTA Board of Directors
September, 2022
9/1/2022 CTA Board of Directors
9/6/2022 Labor Day Holiday
9/25/2022 Yom Kippur
October, 2022
10/5-6/2022 CTA Board of Directors
10/15-16/2022 NEA Board of Directors
10/22-24/2022 CTA State Council
10/31/2022 Halloween
November, 2022
11/2/2022 Election Day
11/11/2022 Veteran’s Day
11/16-17/2022 CTA Board of Directors
11/25/2022 Thanksgiving Day
11/25-26/2022 Thanksgiving Recess
December, 2022
12/8/2022 Hanukkah
12/14-15/2022 CTA Board of Directors
12/21-1/1/2005 Christmas Recess
January, 2005
1/1/2005 New Years Day
1/11-12/2005 CTA Board of Directors
1/17/2005 MLK, Jr. Holiday
1/28-30/2005 CTA State Council
February, 2005
2/7-2/8/2005 NEA Executive Committee
2/14/2005 Valentine’s Day
2/15/2005 Deadline for CTA Scholarship Applications
2/15-2/16/2005 CTA Board of Directors
2/21/2005 Presidents Day Holiday
March, 2005
3/2/2005 NEA’s Read Across America
3/15/2005 Deadline for CTA MLK, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Applications
3/15-16/2005 CTA Board of Directors
3/20/2005 Palm Sunday
3/21-22/2005 NEA Executive Committee
3/27/2005 Easter
3/31/2005 César Chávez Day
April, 2005
4/8-10/2005 CTA State Council
4/19-20/2005 CTA Board of Directors
May, 2005
5/2-5/3/2005 NEA Executive Committee
5/5/2005 Cinco De Mayo
5/6-7/2005 NEA Board of Directors
5/8/2005 Mother’s Day
5/11/2005 Day of the Teacher
5/17-18/2005 CTA Board of Directors
5/30/2005 Memorial Day Holiday
June, 2005
6/6-6/7/2005 NEA Executive Committee
6/10-12/2005 CTA State Council
6/19/2005 Father’s Day
6/21-22/2005 CTA Board of Directors
6/30-7/2/2005 NEA Board of Directors
July, 2005
7/1-7/2/2005 NEA Board of Directors
7/4/2005 Independence Day
7/24-29/2005 CTA Summer Institute-CCA Strand - UCLA
August, 2005
8/26/2005 Women’s Equality Day
September 2005
9/26/27-2005 NEA Executive Committee
9/30-10/1/2005 NEA Board of Directors
October, 2005
10/21-10/23/2005 NEA Executive Committee
10/31/2005 Halloween
November, 2005
11/11/2005 Veterans’ Day
December, 2005
12/5-6/2005 NEA Executive Committee
12/9-10/2005 NEA Board of Directors
12/25/2005 Christmas Day
January, 2006
1/1/06 New Years Day
1/16/06 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
February, 2006
2/6-7/2006 NEA Executive Committee
2/10-11/2006 NEA Executive Board
2/12/2006 Lincoln Birthday
2/20/2006 Washington’s Birthday
March, 2006
3/17/2006 St. Patrick’s Day
3/27-28/2006 NEA Executive Committee
April, 2006
4/14/2006 Good Friday
4/16/2006 Easter
May, 2006
5/5-6/2006 NEA Board of Directors
5/14/2006 Mother’s Day
5/29/2006 Memorial Day
June, 2006
6/5-6/2006 NEA Executive Committee
6/18/2006 Father’s Day
6/29-7/1/2006 NEA Board of Directors
July, 2006
6/30-7/5/2006 NEA Annual Meeting - Florida
7/4/2006 Independence Day
7/23-28/2006 Summer Institute - UCLA
August, 2006
8/26/2006 Women’s Equality Day
September, 2006
9/4/2006 Labor Day
9/23/2006 Rosh Hashanah
October, 2006
10/2/2006 Yom Kippur
November, 2006
11/7/2006 Election Day
11/11/2006 Veteran’s Day
11/23/2006 Thanksgiving Day
December, 2006
12/16/2006 Hanukkah
12/25/2006 Christmas Day
January, 2007
1/1/2007 New Year’s Day
1/15/2007 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
February, 2007
2/12/2007 Lincoln’s Birthday
2/19/2007 Washington’s Birthday
March, 2007
3/17/2007 St. Patrick’s Day
April, 2007
4/1/2007 Palm Sunday
4/3/2007 Passover
4/6/2007 Good Friday
4/8/2007 Easter
May, 2007
5/13/2007 Mother’s Day
5/28/2007 Memorial Day

Acronym and Abbreviation Guide

AB Assembly Bill
ABC Association for Better Citizenship (CTA’s Political Action Committee)
ASCCC Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges
BOG Board of Governors, the governing body for California’s community colleges
CAS Classified Associate Staff, the union which represents all associate staff employed by CCA-CTA.
CCC/CFT Community College Council of the California Federation of Teachers
CCCI California Community College Independents, those colleges without a statewide bargaining agent such as CCA
CFA California Faculty Association, the exclusive bargaining agent for faculty at the California State University.
CFT California Federation of Teachers, California affiliate of the AFT, American Federation of Teachers
Chapter The basic local unit of self-governance chartered through CTA and affiliated with NEA.
CPEC (See-peck) California Postsecondary Education Commission
CoFO Council of Faculty Organizations, which includes CCA, CCC, CCCI, FACCC
CSO California Staff Organization, the union which represents all professional staff employed by CCA-CTA.
ESP Educational Support Personnel, such as instructional aides.
FACCC Faculty Association of the California Community Colleges, not a union but a lobbying organization
GLS Group Legal Services, the method used to provide legal assistance to chapters and individual members. All GLS service requests must be initiated through your designated Staff Consultant/Primary Contact Staff.
GR Governmental Relations, CCA-CTA’s lobbying office across the street from the Capitol in Sacramento
PAC Political Action Committee
SB Senate Bill

CCA Advocate

CCA Advocate is the official newspaper of the Community College Association/CTA-NEA. Find the latest news of the Community College Association and from CCA chapters around the state.

Current Issue

CCA Advocate Archive

CCA Advocate: Oct / Nov 2000
CCA Advocate: May / June 2000
CCA Advocate: March / April 2000
CCA Advocate: October / November 1999
CCA Advocate: March / April 1999
CCA Advocate: Nov / Dec 1998
CCA Advocate: March / April 1998
CCA Advocate: Jan / Feb 1998

Community College Employment


The Registry is a large scale database containing the names, qualifications and desired position(s) of potential California Community College faculty and administrative job applicants. The database is extensively utilized by the 71 Human Resources offices, representing the 106 California Community Colleges. The website provides a number of services for individuals seeking employment as a faculty member or administrator at a California Community College.

Minimum Qualifications

• Minimum qualifications for a person to teach in a specific subject are established at the state level. To find out what the minimum qualifications are for your field:

• Each campus also has the option of writing an “Equivalency” for each subject area. This serves as the minimum qualification in some cases. Equivalencies apply to all job seekers equally and cannot be altered after a job opening has been announced.

• In addition to minimum qualifications, colleges may set up screening criteria used by the hiring committee in selecting candidates to be interviewed. These criteria must be based directly on the information in the application, including any additional questions such as those found on a supplemental questionnaire to the application.

Hiring Policies

Basis for Hiring:
• Community college hiring practices originate in State Law. The fundamental guidelines are that all candidates must undergo the same process and that decisions at every level must be based only on the information gathered in the hiring process. This avoids the “old boy network” style of hiring prevalent before these laws took effect.

Faculty Rights:
• Each candidate for a job has the right to be judged by the same standards as other candidates. Interviewers are prohibited by law from asking questions unrelated to the job. For example, questions about age, marital status, number of children, acquaintances or hobbies are illegal.


• Part-time and hourly faculty are defined as “Temporary” in the Education Code (California State Law).

• During vacations, typically December to January and May to August, when part-time faculty are not teaching, they may be entitled to collect unemployment insurance, if they have no reasonable assurance of reappointment. To get a detailed description of the process you should follow this link to receive information about unemployment benefits (Cervisi).